Monday, November 3, 2008

Will PR get extra attention during current so called meltdown period

while talking to a senior person in Media, who heads the HR department the point that emerged was that the world has changed in last few weeks and everything is now looking very negative. The front page of ET or other financials tells us that companies have lost in tune to lakhs of crores in market capitalization. The question is where is all that money gone, is it just that all the optimism or now the negativism creation of media, if the answer is yes then PR has a lot of role to play in coming months.
Which also brings us to the point is the strategy of ICICI bank ti use Sharukh Khan for building confidence amongst its depositors and other stakeholders going to work.

My personal opinion, this is the time to build business and grow

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Social Media - Innovative tool to build a communications campaign

Today's article in The Hindustan Times, which follows a successful story in CNN-IBN definitely drives home the point that it is very much possible to use internet or social media to build a campaign and that too successfully.
While at Imprimis we did not had much experience in doing any such campaigns but thought was there and team has done wonderful job of bringing online messages to offline media and therefore mainstream the campaign now.
What will be the next steps for this campaign needs to be seen now, but I am sure that today's article will increase the hits on the blog and disseminate the key messages that we have been working on to a wider audience base.

For your reference, here is the link of the HT article
Well Nymphia has become a social activist now and do we see her entering politics now

and here is link to CNN-IBN one

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