Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar the World’s Greatest Cricketer of ALL time?

Yes and No! The Little Master is undoubtedly the world’s greatest cricketer of all time… alongside Sir Donald Bradman and Sir Garfield Sobers! Here’s why…

Australian Don Bradman is unquestionably the greatest batsman of all time[1] (52 Tests, 80 innings, 6,996 runs, highest score 334, 29 centuries, average: 99.94) with an average that may never ever be surpassed in Test cricket.

West Indies’ Garry Sobers is unarguably the greatest all-rounder of all time[2]. Batting (93 Test Matches, 160 innings, 8,032 runs, highest score 365 not out, 26 centuries, average: 57.78; first player to hit six sixes in one over in first-class cricket), bowling (235 Test wickets, average: 34.03; bowled left-arm orthodox spin and wrist spin, and left-arm fast-medium) and fielding (109 catches/stumping) exceptionally. The chances of an all-rounder reaching the dizzy heights Sir Garry did are remote, given the heavy toll modern cricket (T20, One Day, Tests) extracts from players.

With Bradman and Sobers being legends in their own lifetimes, it seemed improbable another cricketer could ever match their exploits. …Until the rise of a baby-faced cricketer, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

In a career spanning two decades – and still going strong! – Tendulkar has scaled new peaks to script a 21st Century legend. In 166 Tests and 271 innings, he has 13,447 runs at an average of 55.56 with 47 centuries and 248 not out as the highest. In 442 ODIs, he has 17,598 runs at an average of 45.12 with 46 centuries and 200 not out as his highest – the first time in 39 years of ODIs that any player has reached the 200 mark[3]. Tendulkar also bowls offbreak and legbreak, with 44 wickets in Tests and 154 wickets in ODIs and 3 for 10 his best Test Innings effort and 5 for 32 his best in ODIs.

With 93 international centuries, it’s only a question of time before he completes 100 centuries. How many centuries Tendulkar adds before retiring time will tell. But one thing is certain – any batsman who surpasses Tendulkar’s century of centuries will be a dead-tired cricketer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Should it be just about the golf?

After the Tiger Woods fiasco, which has been in news in the past, Accenture  removed the professional golfer, Tiger Woods as its Brand Ambassador. TAG Heuer continued its relationship with him. At this stage, TAG Heuer’s 2010 marketing plan remains unchanged “with modulated activation of Tiger Woods’ image according to geographies.” They say that they had Tiger Woods as Brand Ambassador because he was the best in Golf, not because that he was a family man or was not involved in any scandals.
All the ads always featured Tiger Woods playing  was all about Golf.
But sometimes actually the Brand can take a beating due to the brand ambassador. Then problem then arises when there is a conflict as to  whether certain qualities of a celebrity should be associated with a brand or by default his/her  whole persona gets automatically associated with the brand.
So the question is does overall image of Brand Ambassador matter or is it only the talent that should matter?   We have to understand the company's point of view that the brand ambassador then has a responsibility , they do become the face of the brand. 
But, the other side of the argument, lets say in this case is that Accenture should look at the mileage that they  received till now because of Tiger Woods.  Tiger Woods has a right to privacy of his own life and this was a  personal and shall we say domestic issue? Then, does the company have a responsibility to the BA as well?
This incident also speaks volume about us.... the public. We put the Tiger Woods of the world up on pedestals and then drop them when they falter.Should it be just about the golf?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Bambahia-Bombay-Mumbai-WHAT NEXT??

We came across an interesting article recently which spoke about the Mumbai Name change  and the  politics behind this.........

The origin of the word Bombay came when the Portuguese arrived and started calling the city ‘Bombahia’, Bom (good) and Bahia (bay). Some time later bombahia became Bombay when the city was given to the British in dowry of their Princess.
Since 1995, Shiv Sena’s leadership pushed for name change of Bombay to Mumbai. The drive to rename Bombay was part of a larger interest to strengthen Marathi identity in the Maharashtra region. This drive can still be seen as Shiv Sena is trying its best to make Bombay -now Mumbai -a city of Marathi Manoos

Mumbai is on a shaky ground at the moment with the entire crises of politics being played in the name of religion,  so what will Mumbai be called next?

Source: visit  the article

New white paper on the website

Our latest white paper on Cervical Cancer has been uploaded on the Knowledge Center.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Imprimis 2 week Mentorship: Whats in it for you?

Based on Mr Aman Gupta’s recommendation, Imprimis has initiated a two-week mentorship [in batches of 2 Senior and 2 Junior staff] to improve employees’ Business Writing Skills, which began 15 February. The second group’s training began Tuesday 2 March and ends Monday 15 March. As part of this, a topic will be assigned daily and employees will need to write 500-word articles in Week 1 and 700-word Op-eds in Week 2. While Internet/print research is allowed, the pieces will need to be framed in your own words. Lifting material verbatim from any source will automatically disqualify the submission. At the end of Round One of all the employees’ training, a single overall winner with the best business writing skills and the most improvement will be adjudged the winner and be rewarded with 2 nights/3 days’ stay at the Neemrana Fort Hotel for two!

Isn’t that something worth honing your business writing skills for?

May the best employee win!

All the very best!