Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Was M F Husain right in accepting Qatari citizenship?

Yes, he has every right to… Poets, painters and other creative people have oftentimes led lives at odds with traditional values and moral standards. While this always riles the moral brigade, their acts have not necessarily transgressed the laws of the land, although detractors pretend otherwise.

‘Creative licence’ is the prerogative of artistes, as long as they don’t blatantly flout the nation’s laws. But in surcharged times when rabble rousers seek flimsy ruses to rake up irrelevant issues that earn them 15 minutes’ fame in local, national or international periodicals, it’s easy to step on such people’s toes. Given MF’s penchant for painting Hindu gods and goddesses in their natural glory, falling foul of the moral brigade was inevitable. The slew of cases and charges that then piled up were also inescapable.

The primary prerequisite for most artistes to practise their vocation is peace of mind, solitude – which increasingly became a luxury for Husain in India. Travelling abroad to escape detractors was the best thing Husain could do under the circumstances. Husain was in self-imposed exile since 2006.[1] Away from the heat and hubris of critics, he could paint in peace. Although an Indian citizen, Maqbool Fida Husain ended up spending the past few years in Dubai and London.

The scenario changed after Qatar granted MF citizenship, which he accepted subsequently. Although critics may cry themselves hoarse about MF betraying India, the fact remains that Husain is now a PIO (person of Indian origin),[2] having surrendered his passport, since India doesn’t recognise dual citizenship. That the Indian ethos will always course through MF’s veins is clear from his son Owais Husain’s words: “He will continue to miss his real home, wherever he is. You can take M F Husain out of India. But you can’t takeIndia out of M F Husain.” [3]
- Aman Gupta

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Sania -Shoiab controversy finally over?

The Sania – Shoaib controversy was so fumed up that the media forgot about the other important issues and for a few days the Dantewada Maoist attack which claimed the lives of 76 security men seemed less important than Sanya- Shoaib wedding. Not only in TV & print, the search was on even in the web-world and this became the most read about article .

...and how could not be……?

 Pictures of Sania were burnt in Mumbai after rumours of her becoming a Pakistani national or playing tennis for Pakistan. Ayesha emerges.  Shoaib denies everything. Shoaib admits to everything. Shoaib divorces Ayesha. Shoaib marries Sania.

We are glad that they are married now and finally it was a ‘proper NIKAH’ and not a ‘telephonic marriage’. Let’s just wish the both of them a very happy life ahead with no more post- marriage controversies hopefully!

Vote : The media needs to concentrate more on the burning issues in our country, which directly impact the people. The controversy raised on Sania & Shoaib’s wedding was entirely their personal matter and should not have been given so much media priority.  YES/NO???

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today is World Health Day- Update

The dream : a better, cleaner and healthier tomorrow!

World health day , this year will focus on Urbanization and Health, planned by World Health Organization. This global idea aspires at engaging 1000 cities- 1000 lives across the world to participate in the activities .The objective of this theme is to recreate awareness about the effects of urbanization on people in recent times.

On this day various events are organized worldwide and stories of urban health champions will be gathered to illustrate what people are doing to improve health in their cities.